2013 Promises to be a big year for the Rust Belt Chic movement. On a local level, talks are ongoing with various organizations and individuals to set up Rust Belt Chic messaging beyond the written form–such as was the case with Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology–and into various other mediums, including video, audio, long-form journalism, and event programming. (For an Introduction into Rust Belt Chic, the concept, click here. It is the first chapter of the book). We should have more on this front to communicate shortly. For the hell of it, check out a concept map of what it is we are trying to get at with all of this below.

Rust Belt Chic Concept Map

Also, my colleague, Jim Russell, and myself will be writing an economic development book called Rust Belt Nation. We will lay out our vision for the new economy, with the history of the Rust Belt’s decline teeing up what we believe is a new path forward toward urban revitalization. Consider it an alternative to the Creative Classification of America. Again, you will be hearing more on this as the new year gets old.

Now, get busy brothers and sisters. We have work to do.

–Richey Piiparinen