Courtesy of Dave Joudano

Because Detroit failed in a way related to money everyone wants to condemn the city as a failure. That is the easy interpretation. But how can anything succeed when the markers of success are warped? Community capital is dead. Social capital is obsolete. Human capital is a means to an end to make financial capital. The only thing sacred is economic. That is why New York is king even though neighborhoods in the city have third world rates of economic disparity, and over 50% of New York City public school kids are in poverty. Because the overall numbers say the rising tide of affluence has increased. So let them eat the sight of other people’s money.

So, Detroit has failed. But if New York is success then maybe that is a good thing. As there is a certain sociological freedom to committing to the needlessness of debts, particularly when those debts are owed to the entities that are committed to profiting from producing desperation.

Hopefully it gets the city back to the basics of taking care of its people.

The Face Behind the Face
by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Where does it live, the face behind the face?
Everyone ought
To know all that there is
About the face that is his.

People often haven’t a clue
About their very own I.
Each of us makes his own
Best defence counsel.

Nero, apparently, thought
He was a poet,
Hitler thought that he
Would redeem the world from woe!

The mean man thinks: “I am so generous”.
The shallow man: “I am profound”.
Sometimes God will sigh: “I am a worm”.
The worm hisses: “I am God!”

The worms climb arrogantly upwards.
The coward rejoices to be in the clouds.
Only the free man
“I am a slave”.