My new report released through the Center of Population Dynamics is here. The report in a nutshell: Good economic development policy means getting beneath broad-brush metrics so you can strategize soundly around your momentum flows. This report does that.

A lot of media on the report. 11 o’clock news ran a feature on the study you can find here. Cleveland.com writes:

Old industries, aging workers and empty neighborhoods paint a portrait of a Cleveland in steady decline. But a new population study signals that image may be as outdated as a Cuyahoga River fire.

While civic leaders worried about brain drain, young professionals from elsewhere were streaming into urban neighborhoods, raising education and income levels and maybe setting the stage for a new economy, researchers say.

According to a report from the Center for Population Dynamics at Cleveland State University, the tide has turned toward brain gain, an influx of well-educated people. Cleveland’s new challenge is to stoke a new population pattern unfolding at an opportune time.