My piece up at Cleveland Magazine called “Maker’s Mark”. Excerpt:

When Clevelanders think about a revitalized city, they often picture West 25th Street in Ohio City. There, farm-to-table restaurants, microbreweries and the West Side Market anchor a nationally respected food scene.

Ohio City has become an “it” neighborhood, not only a place to play, but also to live. Much of the near West Side, including Tremont and Detroit Shoreway, is going through a similar transformation. So is downtown.

These developments are welcome, but they are not really enough to sustain a resurgence in an entire city’s economy. Much of the activity in those neighborhoods is related to what some economists call the “consumer city”: places where money is spent consuming local goods, be it a Great Lakes Brewing Co. beer or an Ohio City loft.

But to buy a pint or pay the rent, you need a job. This is where the “producer city” comes in. As the real engine of the regional economy, it is fueled by the production of value, not simply the consumption of things.