About Me

keywords–Writer. Thinker. City Strategist. Researcher. Into Urban Identities and Collective Psychological States.

positions–I am a Senior Research Associate Research at the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, and lead a line of research focusing on migration, demography, culture at the Center for Population Dynamics. I am also co-editor of the book Rust Belt Chic: A Cleveland Anthology and Contributing Editor at New Geography.

exposure–My writings on urbanism, culture, and social trends, as well as my research on economic development and demographic trends, have appeared in various outlets, including NPR’s Morning EditionSalon, Huffington Post, CBC’s Ideas, the Atlantic Cities, Cleveland Magazine, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and numerous local periodicals, radio, and television broadcasts.

formal experience, philosophy–I have graduate degrees in clinical psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago and in urban planning and design from Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State. This hybrid formal training has influenced how I view the city: not just as a collection of forms, but as an aggregate of emotions. My writings are carved, then, by the philosophy that a city’s psychology should be attended to no less than its streets, bridges, and buildings.


2 thoughts on “About”

    May I kindly remind you about first transportation and second agriculture. Both these issues have been ignored in Village, Town and City Urban Design thinking. Three kernels.

    Thoughtful ideas (written policy?) then graphic depictions and finally monetary exchange for development is the triad of relevance. Please review my two WordPress blog sites — http://www.makabusi.com and http://www.starkorecity.com.

    I started with the art of graphic design as a leader. For information on transportation methodology review http://www.et3.com. It is the artist that wins with imagination — always.

    I would be glad to receive your insightful thoughts.

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