Press and Writings

Key Reports

From Balkanized Cleveland to Global Cleveland: A White Paper Engaged Scholarship, March, 2014

Globalizing Cleveland: A Path Forward Engaged Scholarship, May, 2014

Ranking America’s Top Young Adult Labor Forces: A Rust Belt Rising? Engaged Scholarship, August, 2014

The Newer Geography of Jobs: Where Workers with Advanced Degrees Are Concentrating the Fastest Engaged Scholarship, September, 2014

Cleveland: A High-Skilled Immigrant Destination Engaged Scholarship, January, 2015

Essays and Editorials

The Rust Belt Roars Back From the Dead, Daily Beast, December, 2014

Makers Mark, Cleveland Magazine, December, 2014

Your reality of the Rust Belt is out of dateCrain’s Cleveland, December, 2014

Cleveland’s brain drain hysteria breeds bad policy, Crain’s Cleveland, October, 2014

The Newer Geography of Jobs: A Rise of the Rest?, Crain’s Cleveland, October, 2014

America’s Top Young Adult Workforces: A Rust Belt Rebirth? Huffington Post, August, 2014

Cleveland, LeBron, and the Evolution of Collective Shame, Huffington Post, July, 2014

Cleveland Battles Rust Belt Stereotypes in Bid for the GOP Convention, Huffington Post, July, 2014

The Ugly City Beautiful – A Policy Analysis Engaged Scholarship, June, 2014

Visualizing Cleveland’s future without ‘rust-colored’ glasses, Cleveland Plain Dealer, June, 2014

Population Growth as the Cure for the Incredible Shrinking City? A Research Editorial Engaged Scholarship, May, 2014

The remake by the lake, Cleveland Plain Dealer, April, 2014

Sorry, Neil, Rust Does in Fact Sleep, Huffington Post, Feb., 2014

Cleveland sings a new Rust Belt tune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Feb., 2014

Press and Expert Commentary

Cleveland’s immigrant advantage: the huddled masses are brilliant, Cleveland Plain Dealer, January, 2015

Rust Belt revival, Globe and Mail, January, 2015

Cleveland’s Growing Pains: From Balkanized to Globalized, Speech at the City Club of Cleveland, Ideastream, November, 2014

America’s Smartest Cities, Forbes, November, 2014

Can Elon Musk Save Buffalo? How About Perk It Up? Bloomberg, November, 2014

Hometown hero or new star? ESPN The Magazine, October, 2014

Scenes from a Rust Belt rebirth,, October, 2014

Cleveland is making progress in attracting highly skilled young people: editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer, August, 2014

Cleveland’s young adult workforce ranks among the brightest in America, study finds, Cleveland Plain Dealer, August, 2014

The people designing your cities don’t care what you want. They’re planning for hipsters. Washington Post, August, 2014.

Cleveland has been on the rebound even before LeBron James news, Los Angeles Times, July, 2014

What’s the key to turning around Rust Belt cities? Los Angeles Times, July, 2014

Shaking Off The Rust: Cleveland Workforce Gets Younger And Smarter, Forbes, June, 2014

Cleveland Brain Gain, WCPN Sound of Ideas, June, 2014

How To Grow Cleveland With A Global Perspective, WCPN All Things Considered, May, 2014

Global Cleveland wants to reverse the city’s population decline: editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer, May, 2014

Unexpected brain gain boosts Cleveland toward new economy, study finds, Cleveland Plain Dealer, April, 2014

The numbers show it: Cleveland actually experiencing ‘brain gain’, WKYC, April, 2014

Cleveland’s “trouble-making” demographer gets a center to plot the region’s growth: The Mix, Cleveland Plain Dealer, March, 2014

Editorial Agenda 2014: Fixing the fundamentals to add jobs, vitality, economic muscle and brainpower in Greater Cleveland: editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer, February, 2014

New people, new cultures = renewed Cleveland: editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer, December, 2013

Global cities are prosperous cities; researchers say Cleveland must welcome the world, Cleveland Plain Dealer, November, 2013.


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